What do you mean with Deautomatization?

With the high-faultin and quite odd term of de-automatization we make reference to a process of free association (or free indexing, or free meaning) between image and word. This process, that springs out of collective and anarchist dissociations, aims at breaking the strict rules of significance that characterize the mainstream collective imaginary and at producing new and original ones. We can also define the de-automatization process as a psycho-geographical drift in the abstract lands of the media imaginary.

What do wou mean with Symbol?

A symbol is, in this case, a sign, a word that belongs to the media-linguistic system. It is an image that depicts a well known pop-character, an object or a quite trendy life style, an event/action of importance that has had a great media impact, etc.

iMagine: why?

iMagine was born as a study about de-automatization of cultural forms of the ruling collective imaginary. iMagine uses the traditional and well-known indexing operation of search engines, that operate on the link of association word-image, keyword-content, to allow, through the active involvement of users, the realization of new links of association, new forms of narration based on our visual imaginary.

How can I give my contribution to iMagine?

It is easy. You just have to choose an image from our demoted visual every-day imaginary (i.e. a famous politician, a tv speaker, a fashion design style, a bad taste object, a brand, an image about current events, a work of art, etc.), as long as it is a representative symbol of the main economical and socio-cultural system. Once you have chosen the image, you should imagine a TITLE, a CATEGORY of cultural pertinence (among the ones suggested) and other KEYWORDS (they can be words, phrases, literary quotation, slogan, etc.) related to the image you chose. This way you will create a new connection between image and word, and the word that will become fundamental to redefine the context and the meaning of the image.

What kind of images can i De-Automate?

You can take the images from everyday visual imaginary: gossip photos, tv frames, images from fashion magazines, a personal photo of a design object, etc; you can also submit a special reprocessing of one of the above. It is important that you pick a relevant image of our cultural collective imaginary.

Which file-types are supported by iMagine?

You can choose among the standard web file types: .jpg .gif .png

What can I do with de-automatized images?

The process of de-automatization of an image is an always evolving one. To move away from the dominant narrative frame, an image needs continous highly imaginative strains. iMagine gives a chance to add further textual elements to images that have already been recorded in the database. Another possibility that users have is to download images inserted in the database by other users, modify them (add colour, change shape and size, focus on details, etc.) on condition that they maintain a visible link with the mainstream imaginary, and they can eventually insert them into the database, repeating again and again the de-automatization process.

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